100 ah 12 volt Okaya Battery

Austin Technologies Inverter and Battery Nigeria
* Pay on Delivery
* 1 year warranty
* 100AH (12V)
* Maintenance Free
* Dimensions (LxWxH): 360x172x196 (mm)
* Weight 30.5 kg
* Rate: 20 hours

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Outer Dimensions (LxWxH): 360x172x196 (mm)

Net Weight : 30.5 (Kg)

Nominal Voltage : 12 (V)

Rated Capacity@20hr : 100 (AH)


Maintenance Free,made in a modern & eco friendly manufacturing facility

Lead calcium-tin grid for extended life,

Wide operating temperature range,

Low self-discharge and long service life,

Leakproof construction,

Fast deep discharge recovery


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